Wheel Loader Equipment

Green Diamond Equipment carries John Deere wheel loaders that provide superior material-handling capabilities and nimble maneuverability for loading and transportation. They are excellent for dirt, sand, and gravel work on industrial, construction, agricultural, and municipal waste worksites. 

Engineered to increase productivity and drive performance, this equipment has 1–3 cubic yard bucket loader capacities, exclusive Articulation Plus steering systems, and a variety of compatible attachments.

These compact wheel loaders are robust, with net powers ranging from 45 kW (61 hp) at 200 rpm up to 76 kW (103 hp) at 2,000 rpm, but they can still easily navigate tight turns and spots. 

John Deere wheel loaders offer convenient boom, bucket, F-N-R, and 3rd-function hydraulic controls on the same lever for easy operation. The machine gearboxes also allow them to move at higher speeds, which is helpful for movement between job sites or hauling materials long distances.

Our compact wheel loaders are low profile and can deliver lower clearance on worksites, but their buckets can still handle large loads, which helps streamline the transportation process. 

Additionally, wheel loaders provide a higher vantage point for the operator, increasing the visibility of their surroundings. This is important for safety and logistical operations when working in high-traffic areas or on active worksites. 

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