Let Green Diamond Equipment prepare you to conquer the earth with our exceptional John Deere excavator equipment lineup. From nimble mini excavators to versatile compact models, our range offers the perfect solutions for all your earthmoving needs. These compact excavators feature zero- and reduced-tail-swing designs, can rotate fully, and effortlessly navigate obstacles without limitations with their independent-swing boom and 360-degree rotation. The 17G, 26G, 30G, 35G, 50G, and 60G models outperform the competition with quick cycles, smooth hydraulics, and impressive drawbar pull, making these John Deere compact excavators highly capable and ready for any challenge. 

As if that wasn't enough, the interior of these machines offers unparalleled operator comfort with seats and controls positioned to accommodate larger operators, combined with virtually unobstructed visibility with a commanding view of your tasks.

We understand the importance of keeping your projects on track. That's why our John Deere excavators provide maximum uptime and minimum operating costs with extended service intervals and wide-open component access, making maintenance a breeze. You can also change attachments quickly with a mechanical coupler using hydraulic attachments, while the auxiliary selector valve lets you quickly choose between attachment one-way and two-way flows.

Upgrade your construction capabilities with our top-of-the-line compact and mini-excavator equipment and experience the ultimate performance, versatility, and comfort. 

Please browse our specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.