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If you're new to working with us at Green Diamond Equipment, check out what our customers have to say about us. Our first priority is always our customers and how we are able to help and service them throughout the year. We take pride in everything we do, which shines through in our work.

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"You’re there when we need ya! We always get a tractor when we need one, that’s very important to us as our business is very seasonal. Bob (Atkinson) is very good to us we have always liked John Deere and the service we receive."

~ Ralph Stirling

"The dealer service we receive is A1. Parts are always available and the staff will bend over backwards to help us out. They are always up front about parts and costs and the mechanics are well trained and knowledgeable. They always keep us up to date on the progress, costs and expenses when a piece of our equipment is in the shop."

~ Shawn Paget

"When I purchased my John Deere 1026R and related equipment from Garth Tracey I was a rather apprehensive about the service I would receive in Fredericton from your firm in Woodstock. Garth assured me the service would be good. I must compliment you on the professionalism I have received from Shawn and the quality of workmanship Ted provides. They both go above and beyond and have provided excellent service since I made the purchase in July 2013.  

Shawn is well organized and when he advises me of an approximate time of the service he is right on. I have had to call him on a few occasions with questions and he has always provided me with good advice. In a few situations we have resolved the issue over the phone.

Ted on the other-hand is methodical and pays attention to detail. If he notices something that is not right, he tells me and then corrects it. He is prompt, an excellent worker and gets the job done in a timely fashion.

Mike, I could not be more pleased with the service I get from these two employees of Green Diamond. They do you and your firm proud.

~ Dick Audas