Aeration Equipment

Transform your turf with John Deere aerators and turf collection systems from Green Diamond Equipment. When it comes to achieving a lush and vibrant turf, John Deere is a name you can trust. Our aerators and turf collection systems, designed to take your turf management to the next level, provide superior results and unmatched efficiency. 

John Deere aerators range from our Aercore™ 800 to the Aercore™ 1500 Aerator, producing up to 900,000 holes per hour, promoting a denser and healthier turf overall. Whether you need to aerate a small residential lawn or a sprawling golf course, our aerators are up to the task.

John Deere turf collection systems efficiently collect and dispose of debris essential for maintaining a clean and professional-looking turf. With user-friendly features and durable construction, our turf collection systems withstand the demands of heavy-duty use. And John Deere top dressers achieve that picture-perfect finish by evenly distributing sand, compost, or other top-dressing materials across your turf to ensure a smooth, level surface. 

Whether you need to aerate, spread, dress, or collect, our aerators, turf collection and top-dressing equipment deliver outstanding results, saving you time and effort while enhancing the health and beauty of your turf. 

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