Get the job done quickly and efficiently with John Deere scrapers from Green Diamond Equipment. These high-yielding tractor attachments collect and move dirt, gravel, soil and more with full loads and minimal passes. The heavy-duty, earth-moving machines can excavate, carry, spread, and grade material, making them valuable for many projects in different industries such as construction, agriculture, mining, or waste management.  

With capacities from 11.5 to 18.3m³ (15 to 24 cu yd) and single cycle payloads up to 55 m³ (72 cu yd), they can also work on a range of projects whether it’s a top-loading large-scale construction or smaller-scale residential construction. 

Our John Deere tractor scraper equipment is available in three types: Carry-All, Tire Ejector, and Ejector. 

The Carry-All scrapers have a bucket that rotates while unloading for faster cycle times, making the work more efficient. These scrapers are ideal for sandy soil since they are lighter in weight than ejector scrapers. 

Both ejector scraper designs hold up to 14% more capacity and move up to 72 cubic yards of material per cycle. Their open load designs allow for increased holding capacity, which increases workflow.

All John Deere scrapers feature exclusive AutoLoad systems that allow both novice and experienced operators to use them consistently with the touch of a button. They also include iGrade™ leveling systems to automate water management. The iGrade™ system provides Surface Water Pro Plus automation, grade control, distance trip and plane control.

Please browse the specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.